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H&S in practical Science for early career teachers
Science teaching has a very good health and safety record. Nevertheless, science teachers need to be aware of the requirements of health and safety legislation as they apply to hazardous chemicals, living organisms, scientific equipment and procedures in use in school laboratories. There are many pitfalls to trap the unwary, particularly recently qualified science teachers. As well as knowing how to work safely, early career teachers also need to develop the skills necessary to run a safe and successful practical lesson. As part of the course we will consider what this means in practice and offer suggestions and tips based on CLEAPSS publications.

Audience: Teachers
Subject(s): Science, Health and Safety

Dates for this course
Location : Birmingham £165*
      (Wednesday, October 02 2024)   ...more
Location : Southampton £165*
      (Tuesday, October 15 2024)   ...more
Location : Bristol £165*
      (Wednesday, November 06 2024)   ...more
Location : London £165*
      (Monday, November 18 2024)   ...more
Location : Sheffield £165*
      (Tuesday, December 03 2024)   ...more
Location : Hertfordshire £165*
      (Monday, December 16 2024)   ...more
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