CLEAPSS Supporting practical science and technology
Practical science in the primary classroom
During this hands-on day you will be able to try lots of CLEAPSS Primary practical activities. You?ll be challenged to think about the purpose of each activity and supported to explore what children could learn by doing them. There will be lots of opportunities to think about how to plan for meaningful outcomes from practical activities, whilst at the same time learning how to keep everyone safe.

Audience: Teachers, Heads of Department, Senior / Middle Leaders
Subject(s): Science, Primary Subjects

Dates for this course
Location : Chesham £165*
      (Tuesday, October 15 2024)   ...more
Location : York £165*
      (Monday, November 18 2024)   ...more
If no suitable dates are shown in your region then your organization may want to consider hosting its own CLEAPSS course. For more information on hosting a course please click here.