CLEAPSS Supporting practical science and technology
Primary - Making science fun, safe and memorable
On this course you will participate in practical science activities and reflect on their purpose, access and use CLEAPSS teaching resources, learn how CLEAPSS supports teachers to risk assess practical activitiesand practice using CLEAPSS resources during science planning.You will also discover how to teach a tricky topic: Light.

Our goal is to ensure that primary school staff are confident to deliver fun, exciting and safe practical work to primary aged children.

Audience: Teachers, Heads of Department, Senior / Middle Leaders
Subject(s): Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Health and Safety, Primary Subjects
Level: Introduction, Next Steps

Dates for this course
Location : Cornwall £140*
      (Thursday, December 03 2020)   ...more
If no suitable dates are shown in your region then your organization may want to consider hosting it's own CLEAPSS course. For more information ion hosting a course please click here.