CLEAPSS Supporting practical science and technology
Safety inspection of autoclaves, pressure cookers & model steam engines
This full-day course is aimed at the person in a school who uses the schedules provided by CLEAPSS to inspect pressure vessels to ensure they are safe for use.

Audience: Technicians, Senior Technicians, Teachers
Subject(s): Biology, Physics, Health and Safety
Level: Next Steps, Advanced

Dates for this course
Location : Sheffield   (Tuesday, March 27 2018)   ...more
Location : Birmingham   (Thursday, May 17 2018)   ...more
Location : Southampton   (Thursday, June 21 2018)   ...more
Location : London   (Wednesday, July 04 2018)   ...more
If no suitable dates are shown in your region then your organization may want to consider hosting it's own CLEAPSS course. For more information ion hosting a course please click here.