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Radiation Protection Supervisor Training (Full Day Course)
This one-day course is for the school Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS), i.e. the person responsible for managing the safe storage, use and monitoring of radioactive sources in the science department. The RPS will normally be a member of the teaching staff, often the Head of Physics. Any teacher who uses radioactive sources will also benefit. See CLEAPSS leaflet PS75, which explains why the RPS should be a teacher.

Audience: Teachers, Heads of Department
Subject(s): Science, Physics, Health and Safety
Level: Advanced

Dates for this course
Location : Newcastle £125*
  (Tuesday, July 04 2017)   ...more
Location : Sefton, Merseyside £150*
  (Wednesday, July 12 2017)   ...more
Location : Keele (SLC) £125*
  (Wednesday, July 12 2017)   ...more
Location : Lancashire £125*
  (Thursday, July 13 2017)   ...more
Location : London £155*
  (Monday, July 17 2017)   ...more
Location : Cambridgeshire £125*
  (Wednesday, September 27 2017)   ...more
Location : Keele (SLC) £125*
  (Thursday, October 05 2017)   ...more
Location : Southampton £125*
  (Wednesday, October 18 2017)   ...more
Location : Birmingham £125*
  (Wednesday, November 01 2017)   ...more
Location : Southampton £125*
  (Thursday, March 15 2018)   ...more
If no suitable dates are shown in your region then your organization may want to consider hosting it's own CLEAPSS course. For more information ion hosting a course please click here.