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Radiation protection supervisor training (online)
This three hour live online course covers the basics of radiation protection in a school setting and provides an introduction to the role of the Radiation Protection Supervisor in schools (RPS-Schools). The person with this role is responsible for managing the safe storage, use and monitoring of radioactive sources in the science department. It is primarily intended for staff new to the role, however it will also be useful as a refresher for anyone returning to the role after a break.

Audience: Teachers
Subject(s): Science, Physics

Dates for this course
Location : Online Course (Zoom) £95*
      (Friday, May 24 2024)   ...more
Location : Online Course (Zoom) £95*
      (Friday, June 07 2024)   ...more
Location : Online Course (Zoom) £95*
      (Thursday, June 20 2024)   ...more
Location : Online Course (Zoom) £95*
      (Friday, July 05 2024)   ...more
Location : Online Course (Zoom) £95*
      (Wednesday, July 17 2024)   ...more
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