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Radiation protection supervisor training
This one-day course is for the school Radiation Protection Supervisor (Schools) (RPS- Schools), i.e. the person responsible for managing the safe storage, use and monitoring of radioactive sources in the science department. The RPS will normally be a member of the teaching staff, often the Head of Physics. (See CLEAPSS leaflet PS75, which explains why the RPS should be a teacher).

Audience: Teachers
Subject(s): Science, Physics

Dates for this course
Location : Birmingham £160*
      (Thursday, March 14 2024)   ...more
Location : Wiltshire £160*
      (Monday, March 18 2024)   ...more
Location : London £180*
      (Wednesday, April 17 2024)   ...more
Location : York £160*
      (Thursday, May 09 2024)   ...more
Location : London £180*
      (Thursday, May 16 2024)   ...more
Location : Southampton £160*
      (Tuesday, June 25 2024)   ...more
Location : London £180*
      (Friday, June 28 2024)   ...more
Location : Wiltshire £160*
      (Wednesday, July 03 2024)   ...more
Location : Hertfordshire £160*
      (Wednesday, July 10 2024)   ...more
Location : Sheffield £160*
      (Tuesday, July 16 2024)   ...more
If no suitable dates are shown in your region then your organization may want to consider hosting its own CLEAPSS course. For more information on hosting a course please click here.